Chongqing billboards

the advertising space is located in upper section of outer ring Expressway, Chongqing, close to the toll-station in Phoenix, left Phoenix in the interchange, neighbors Buddhist Huayan Temple scenic spot in Chongqing. Huayan Temple is the most famous Buddhist scenic spot in Chongqing City, every year, millions of different sectors of the community, and business leaders to visit the Buddha. The advertising spaces are Huayan must pass through.

location: cottage roof facing the freeway, less than 10 meters away from the highway, no shelter, height of 3 meters from the ground, most suitable for high speed road car perspective.  

features: large picture is on the highway, and majestic, the most suitable as a large image ads.  

size: 60Mx6M 

Chongqing Highway Billboard

the ad relies on building is located in the Black Forest building steel market. The market is the largest in Southwest China, the most influential professional architectural steel market.  

2006 annual throughput of up to 2.8 million tons, in 2007 annual throughput of up to 3.5 million tons. annual flows of up to 12 billion yuan.  

       the advertising can be effective radiation:  

      1, the more than 300 companies in the market are very powerful level of construction steel distribution companies, steel mills.  

      2, southwest of the County architectural steel secondary distributors, wholesalers and retailers.  

      3, Chongqing's major real estate developers, and builders.  

      4, Chongqing's major transport and logistics providers.