Transit effects are released in perfect

on July 28, the Chongqing first subway will run from shapingba to jiaochangkou only 23 minutes. This not only shortens the distance between the two places, meant that Chongqing's "three dimensional" rail transit time has truly come. Line 1 subway opening soon, in their daily lives, will travel to Chongqing people not only bring real convenience, ease congestion, in addition, as the city's economic development booster, to Metro station as the core of commercial and residential real estate projects have emerged. "Subway" has been in the industry and the buyers are mentioned frequently on Sohu, today's Line 1 subway coming trial operation, concerning the so-called "underground" could have a real impact? "The subway", the problem of rising prices will therefore, Sohu focus specially interviewed along the Line 1 subway network project developer:  

Chihiro Marketing Director:

rail traffic in Chongqing has entered the "stereo" era

Chihiro marketing manager says that line in the world, opening of the light rail line Line 1 of course is a very good thing, which represents rail transit in Chongqing has entered a "stereo" era. Chongqing, the first single from the bus system, and then the opening of the light rail, all the way to the end of July opening of the first subway in Chongqing 17173, Chongqing, entire "transportation" network framework has been set up successfully.

for general public subway public transportation benefit is obvious when you bring along. According to the official, close to the Metro Line 1 Gao Miao Cun station Chihiro landlords to Gao Miao Cun station just 5 minutes walk from Tian long BA BU, a distance that allows its owners to enjoy the convenience of subway, it can avoid the noise arising from the MTR, described as "quiet". Subway opened, allow the public to travel to escape the congestion to a large extent because travel mode choice wider Tian long BA BU, no longer simply rely on buses or self-drive.

effect of rail transit will roll out in a perfect

for the Line 1 subway line opened, with Metro station as the center of commercial and residential real estate projects will also hit some good. Traffic will increase as businesses around the subway station brings a certain pull. Opening in the end of September will Chihiro because Line 1 subway line opened and what about House prices adjustment real estate focus, the official said, "Metro we would certainly have to consider the influence, along residential price influence according to the public to judge the acceptability of the subway. After all, Metro opened in Chongqing, compared with cities such as Beijing, Shanghai is a newly formed transportation network, are not fully mature. "The official view, opening of the subway will have an impact on real estate, but the impact is as its own perfection and released gradually, you need a certain amount of time.

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