Shenzhen Airport to reduce outdoor advertising contract

   notice today from the Shenzhen Airport, by 2009 Shenzhen Municipal Government of Shenzhen Airport approach road landscape renovation, Shenzhen Metro Line 1 line airport construction, as well as the Shenzhen City authorities on urban outdoor advertisement management policy changes and other factors, the Shenzhen Airport Terminal building greater influence in the outdoor advertising business environment. Company and Beijing yashi d supplementary agreement signed advertising contract advertising, reduced 2009 advertising 7.47 million Yuan, provides 2010 advertising fee guarantees amounted to 55.2 million Yuan, 2012 advertising guarantees amounted to 66 million Yuan. Original contract amount for 3 years and 235 million Yuan.  

Shenzhen Airport said, although the change decrease advertising costs were less than the original contract, but with airport advertising company compared historical data for outdoor advertising business, outdoor advertising for guaranteed income each year to maintain a certain growth, outdoor advertising business at the airport operating performance remained positive growth contribution.