Real estate marketing planning supervisor when Zhu Sun

Summary: on April 8, Ningbo people awaited the Nineth Home Expo Grand opening. Carrying more than the total of more than 30 real estate enterprises in Ningbo, Zhoushan, Shandong, Hainan, and other regional development over more than 50 projects on display. As Ningbo market bellwether Home Expo, in Ningbo, the new purchase orders have been published for more than a month, raised interest rates twice this year held under the background of policy, would be affected? SINA leju invited to home when JI Zhu Sun, head of Marketing Department of planning for your project, talk about current home Expo.

Sina leju: Hello, SINA for us to introduce first Romanesque style projects sales of what?

Zhu Sun: Roman style is January 11 official opened, to currently weizhi sales rate probably has 80% around, second half of will has a new of single apartments launched, single apartments is 4.5 meters pick high fine decoration products, relative Yu market Shang other products, it is a Almighty of single apartments, basically to two room, and three room mainly, so said this block relative for compared for first home buyers of youth, as transition or, as married room are is compared for of products.

Sina leju: Roman-style introduction, fifth floor, called King floor, fifth floor, what's special about,   and why do you want to call the building the King?

Zhu Sun: in our section is the best place on the fifth floor, 7,000 square meters to the South Atrium garden, with the floor space of the House in front of more than more than 70 metres, there is such a big atrium space relative to other listings, and the floor is a good location for, is the Community Center on the fifth floor, so called Lou King.

Hall on the fifth floor will do better package, relative to the rest of the House will look more luxurious.

Sina leju: you launched the activities of the special room, can explain what is the specific situation?

Zhu Sun: special room is the home Expo, our customers feedback about our continued support of our Roman style, special rooms were more than 80, 120, relatively speaking, is the type and size of the great demand on the market.

Sina leju:: in the context of regulation, you're feeling Home Expo in the property market to what effect?

Zhu Sun: Home Expo is also an indicator for the housing market, many homeowners through home Expo will be real estate related information, policies, developers through exhibitions look at the mindset of the owners, owners of exhibitions to learn about developer sales trends and market conditions, is a process of mutual understanding, so the market is there.

Sina leju:: Finally, please say a few words about our buyers buy recommendations.

Zhu Sun: policy has been out of the House, home buyers still need to buy what you really need, well House is to own the hand to hand, because prices do not change, but only a House of their choice.