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Yu September 9 official open assessment of "Wenzhou top ten design elite" is this times "2010 Wenzhou decorative media fashion Festival" of last a items appraisals flow, open assessment has has received more than 100 over from Wenzhou the big with name decorative company designer of enthusiastically registration, Rudong easy day yan clothing, and good to home decorative, and Ka and decorative, and Li Park decorative, and Baker decorative, and Moritaka decorative, and a products home decorative,. They have said that such flows not only their design concepts and design features to communicate more directly, but also to some extent confirmed their strength over the years, is unanimously recognized by peers and clients.
This week, the "Wenzhou design elite top ten" rating scale programmes also formalized. Participating designers with a complete design printing solutions, including the following:
Overview, design
1. Design total description; 2. total plane figure (big of apartments, and Villa to has points regional or the bedroom plane figure); 3. the parts elevation and the profile Figure; 4. node bulk Figure; 5. fixed furniture making Figure; 6. electrical plane Figure; 7. electrical system Figure; 8. to drainage plane figure (involved transformation sector); 9. top; 10. building State surface figure (Villa); 11. decoration material table.
Second, plan
Floor plans including the graphic design on the bottom and the top graphic design two. Flat wall, column position size, and there is a definite proportion. Content has three Department door, first sector marked indoor structure and the size, including bedroom of building size, and clearance size, and doors and Windows location and the size; second sector marked structure decoration of detailed shape and size, including decorative structure zainei of location, decorative structure and structures of mutual relationship size, decorative surface of detailed shape and the size, figure Shang needed marked material of specifications and process requirements; third sector marked indoor furniture, equipment initiatives measures of placed location and decoration layout of size relationship, marked furniture of specifications and requirements.
Third, the design effect drawing of
Decorative effect, more real and more intuitive for the decorative surface color.
Design and construction of four,
Construction drawings including elevations, sections and nodes. Elevation to indicate interior elevations, relationship between size and advanced modeling of ceiling decoration, wall decoration, style and material, location, size, height of walls and doors, Windows, partitions, wall and roof, cohesive and so on. Sections to label a specific size, and construction technology practices. Node graph to indicate the connection between the decorative surface and fixation methods, specifically the decorative surface structure at the junction, and note the specific dimensions and construction method of close, edge.
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