Bundle the product placement is critical to play hardball

this year, the NPC Deputy Zhao Linzhong "two sessions" made by "product placement violated the audience interest, regulation of" proposal, State administration for industry and Commerce recently responded that, as a thematic study, and puts forward relevant legislative proposals.  

This is a strong signal from the positive message: people reflect a strong sense of placement in the film, bundle it for real.  

investment in the Film Studio, along with the extension of the film industry, product placement has become an important part of its investment and financing mode, to reduce costs and risks, to ensure that profit is positive.  

but, "backfired" of acting who are understand, dang audience suffered "side cry side see advertising" of embarrassing thing Shi, dang was joked "brother money see of not movie, and is advertising" Shi, dang advertising "was concern" and non-"was into" Shi, results often is works "full has", and atmosphere is was break has, brand concern degrees high has, reputation degrees is low has, movie profit has, and reputation is poor has. Therefore, product placement must have a bottom line, resentment of the audience is not in this form, but its poor expression.  

for the Director, paradox is the eternal problem of art and commerce. Faced with investors demanding, advertisers crave, hospital line requirement, "have to serve well, otherwise no money shot, not broadcast" circle of becoming reality, and how many directors can adhere to in this intense commercial pressure "visitors" principles, and does not compromise the value of art works? So, ads turned into ads, "you like XXX mineral water? "" An insurance brand solid "blunt, funny ads, such as dialogue, continue to challenge the audience's emotional bottom line.

However, as product placement is a new thing, and massive flooding in recent years, and so we in law and there is no specific provision for it. Also because of this, although the masses feel strongly about, but some film producers in terms of advertising are essentially "free and unfettered" individual directors or even questioned gallantly say product placement is the aspiration of saving Chinese films, even more ironically, the legitimate rights and interests of consumers completely trampled mess.

for government departments, and development of China's film and television industry "business and win-win" policy has always been the major research subjects, but because there is no precedent to follow, will not happen overnight. Audiences for implanted ad questioned and criticized, modesty, patience, meditation to analyze and adopt their opinions, advice, especially from other countries ' experience, according to the subject and category placement supervision of quality and quantity.