2011 Chongqing to accelerate the development of electronic manufacturing industry

Chongqing electronic manufacturing around the "5+3" development strategy, improve electronic manufacturing value added as a proportion of the GDP of the city of Chongqing, contribute to the success of industrial restructuring and upgrading.

     one is to accelerate the improvement of "computer and peripheral industrial chain", reducing city and the gap between the world's largest laptop manufacturing base. Positive guidance and communication, accelerated and he Shuo, Compal, Wistron and other foundries and associated parts and components manufacturers, negotiate and contract work, as soon as possible, laptop, I "5+6+700" layout (5 brands, 6 business, more than 700 manufacturers of spare parts), industrial agglomeration advantages to play. To 2011 laptop output exceeded 30 million units, notebook computers and supporting sales output value of 180 billion yuan, accounting for 60% of the electronics manufacturing industry.

     second, speed up communications and Internet industries, and built an important mobile phone production base in West China and national Internet industry base. "Mobile phone" project focused on "core + perimeter" pattern of investment, aimed at the world's top 500, the central large enterprises and domestic famous enterprises, boot support 3G and other new generation communication systems and products to accelerate industrial development, strive to mobile phone output exceeds 10 million units next year. Tightened his grip on the world Internet market development and industrial base of Chongqing was granted the national Internet opportunities, to apply for lead, market-oriented, the full development of the city as a leading information-sensitive materials and device research and development base, as well as the biggest advantage of automation and instrument production base, cultivation and introduction of enterprise scale, build a complete industrial chain of Internet of things.

     third, break through the bottleneck of the IC industry in Chongqing, and gradually realize the Grand goal of building IC flagship base in Asia. Yong microelectronics industrial park and to the West of liangjiang as the main gathering area, set up two State-level IC design base, promote integrated circuit design and manufacturing capabilities, improving the integrated circuit design support service system; 118 project office as a platform to strengthen links with the chips of the world well-known enterprises and linking, take the initiative to undertake the global industrial transfer, specifically for the advanced manufacturing high-end ICS projects for investment.

     four is promoting the continued fast growth of information appliances and digital audiovisual industry to improve the industrial system. Support enterprises such as Haier, midea, gree expansion project in Chongqing, accelerate the pace of development, bigger production scale of digital home appliances such as air conditioning, television, expanding market share around. Encourage enterprises to set up research and development institutes in Chongqing, as well as supporting system construction and the introduction of key parts of a key research and production enterprise located in Chongqing.

     five is vigorously promoting the intelligent instrumentation, automotive electronics, medical electronics applications such as the electronics industry, speed up the industrialization process. Encourage enterprises to strengthen international cooperation, enrich and perfect the Chongqing instrument and control product structure, improve technology level, thus resulting in Chongqing digital instruments an important research and development and production base. Increase project introduction and independent innovation, Chongqing automotive electronics development capacity, improve localization support capabilities of automotive electronics products, accelerate the pace of independent innovation and development of automotive electronics industry. Support major branded medical electronics enterprises increasing core competitiveness, accelerate and increase market share, forming the international influence of the medical electronics industry in the southwest area.

     six, scientific guidance LED and PV industry, fostering a complete industrial chain. Support four joint group, has advantage of local LED enterprise, introduced related supporting project, formed LED more full of Shang, and in the, and downstream industry chain; support focus Enterprise speed up development high pure silicon material, construction high pure silicon material development production base; foster encyclopedia new energy, a has both at home and abroad market competitiveness of leading backbone enterprise, formed silicon and non-Silicon simultaneously of domestic important of solar PV industry base.

     is to accelerate the launch of seven new shows, conquer consumer electronics important strategic point. Overall planning, rational distribution, Panel production, focusing on perfecting the new display system. Actively planning for AUO, Chi Mei module and Panel items, strives to introduce build 1 6 generation and above TFT-LCD (thin-film transistor LCD flat-panel display) Panel production line, gradually building glass, panels, color filters, polarizers, and LCD backlight, modules and other key materials and supporting equipment manufacturing enterprises, foster a complete industrial chain of new display.

     BA is to enhance the competitiveness of special electronic equipment manufacturing industry, and improve the overall level of the electronics manufacturing industry in Chongqing. SMT surface mount device projects focused on strengthening cohesion and links with the world famous semiconductor equipment manufacturers, introducing high quality capital and advanced technologies, development of high-end electronic equipment manufacturing; active in electronic equipment industry and supporting industries, increase the technology input, and upgrade the skills of basic components and supporting products, and gradually formed a complete industrial chain of electronic equipment.